The Sand Hill Challenge - September 20, 1998 - BPH Team

Marcus, Rick, Curtis

The Brobeck Racing Team.

Number 34 for today

Our classic, vintage 1952, soapbox derby car, courtesy of Buck's Restaurant of Woodside. This is the car that appeared in all of the ads and on the event shirt!

Heat #1 Team

Our team for heat #1: Markus Redding, Rick Arnold and Curtis Mo.

Ricky Arnold

Our driver for the 10th Annual Sand Hill Challenge?

Let's Go!

Ricky Arnold was ready to drive but probably would have had a problem with the brake which was difficult to pull.

Winning with Superior Technology

Markus did a great job adding Brobeck's racing colors to the car.

Flat Top

Notice the 1950's flat top to match the 1950's car. The only things missing were ditty bop shades and a pack of cigarettes in the shirt sleeve.

Driver, Heat #1

OK, now who's going to help me out of this car built for a 12 year old?

1, 2, 3 pull!

For heat #2 we're going to need a smaller driver. Who's arm can we twist? Who's brave enough?"

The Starting Line

The crowd was estimated to be about 20,000 people.

Get set, GO!

Curtis and Markus give the car a mighty push at the top of Sand Hill Road.

Head to head against Brentwood

Despite their early lead in the first heat, Brentwood Associates Venture Capital would soon be eating Brobeck dust.

Zooming downhill!

We weren't the fastest, but we were the only ones racing a classic!.

Into the curves

Stanford's tower made for a landmark backdrop.


And the crowd goes WILD!.

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    Created October 3, 1998.